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Does Hypnosis Work?

About Meditation

Meditation involves focusing one’s thoughts, engaging in inner contemplation or reflection. Meditation techniques vary, but what most of them have in common is  the act of stilling the mind to promote healing and positivity. There are different kinds of meditation. One is based on body control in order to unite body and mind like doing Chi Kung or Yoga.  Another is based on control of the mind and requires concentration, contemplation and visualization. Concentration is accomplished by focusing on an object. Contemplation is achieved through continuous repetition of a word or a syllable, as in (mantra like "OM").  A third approach is based on letting go of the body, using techniques to achieve relaxation of muscle tensions. The fourth focuses on letting go of the mind. The mind remains open to whatever enters it thus obtaining insight.

There is a fine line between meditation and hypnosis. Meditation and self-hypnosis can be induced in similar ways. Both techniques may begin by the person being asked to stare at a certain point, breathe in a prescribed way or listen to chants, music or rhythms.

See below on instructions to listen to your Guided Meditations.

Studies show that people who combine diet and exercise with hypnosis lose

more weight than they do with diet and exercise alone.” – Allure Magazine

"The easiest way to break bad habits is through hypnosis" - Newsweek Magazine

"We are now producing evidence showing [hypnosis] can be significantly therapeutic...

Studies have shown it to be highly effective as a tool for certain kinds of habit control...

Hypnosis is safer than virtually any medication any of us doctors use."

David Spiegel, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine

Debunking Myths about Hypnosis

Our minds have this great "gatekeeper" called the Critical Factor. The "Critical Factor" is a part of the conscious mind. It's kind of like a guard at the gate between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. It has the power to accept or reject suggestions from entering the subconscious mind. It has very good intentions. Its job is to protect us. It will not allow you to do anything that you do not already want to do. During your session you can open your eyes at anytime, you're an active part of the process and in complete control at all times. Nearly everyone is a good candidate for hypnosis-the important factor is that you are ready to make a change. Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to make powerful and positive change. Mita is an ethical, qualified, experienced, certified hypnotist providing a safe and relaxing experience.


What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is actually a state of increased awareness with deep mental and physical relaxation. It is an interactive, cooperative experience that the hypnotist and client build together. Hypnotic suggestion is a rapid, long lasting way for you to reframe negative old beliefs and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you into new and positive beliefs and behaviors that result in success. In the relaxed hypnotic state the brain releases certain "feel good" chemicals like dopamine that stimulate the body to re-balance, kind of like rebooting your computer after a software update. Powerful positive suggestions that you help create are put into the wording in your sessions and your body and mind listen and make adjustments to help you achieve your goals.

A Bit of History

Hypnosis has been used throughout history and it's use is recorded in ancient Chinese, Hindu and Egyptian texts. Great  creative minds, including Sigmund Freud, Milton Erikson, Emile Coue, and Dave Ellman used hypnosis and touted its amazing ability to bring about profound healing and positive change.  Doctors relied on the power of hypnosis before the development of anesthesia. Hypnosis was and still is used at times by dentists and doctors all over the world.