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A healing journey activating health at a cellular level.  Release negativity and become

at peace at the deepest levels of your being. 

The music is designed especially to take you into hypnotic trance so you can open to receive and utilize the positive suggestions.

(32. min)  $14.95

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Help for the Holidays

A soothing and supportive hypnosis to stay mindful and make healthy food choices during holidays, staying motivated for being active and building and maintaining a healthy body. $14.95 (31:52 Min.)

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Visualize Your Healthy Body

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Best 2 Your Life products are not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. They are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or condition.  Be sure to consult with your physician regarding health concerns.  These products are not meant to be used in place of therapeutic treatment however they can complement any protocol or practice you are currently on .

This is an exotic hypnotic visualization journey where you can hear the ocean waves and the gentle sounds of the whales. Profoundly relaxing so you can go deep and open to creating the healthy body and good health habits you desire. (28 min.) $14.95

Best 2 Your Life 

Happiness and Health