2. Envision a Better Day. One of the most powerful ways to stay focused and strong in the face of a setback is to simply close your eyes and picture a time when things will be much better. Visualize things going the way you want them to go. Vividly see things unfolding ideally and emotionally connect to how good you will feel once they do. The energy of emotion is powerful and is an important part of the alchemical key to change.  Jonas Salk said: “I’ve had dreams and I’ve had nightmares. I’ve overcome my nightmares because of my dreams.” By staying anchored to a positive vision of your future, you will remain motivated no matter how tough your current circumstances may be.
3. Connect to the Truth. There are certain “Success Truths” or natural laws of achievement that have endured throughout the ages. Unfortunately, with the frenzied pace at which most of us work and live at, we often lose sight of these truths that have stood the test of time, truths such as “just before a great victory one often faces great adversity” or “we learn and grow most from our biggest failures” or “nothing can stop a person who simply refuses to be stopped.” The simple daily discipline of reading an inspirational book or a great text of wisdom from a life philosopher or watching a short video from an admired teacher first thing in the morning will reconnect you to the success truths that govern the way we live. The peace and wisdom found in connection with divine intelligence will then infuse and inspire every remaining minute of your day and your challenges will not seem so big.

Five Steps From Failure to Success

1. Search for the Opportunity. The great motivational thinker Napoleon Hill once said that every difficulty contains the seed of an equivalent opportunity. The person of true character has the courage to find it and then seize it in order to move on to a whole new level of success. Problems/challenges are a part of life. The only people on the planet who are problem-free are resting six feet under the ground. When faced with an apparent failure or rejection, ask yourself the simple question: “What can I learn from this?” Then use the experience to grow more effective at what you do. Remember, failure is the highway to success. As J.P. Guildford noted: “To live is to have problems and to solve problems is to grow intellectually.”   

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5. Maintain Your Perspective.
Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s greatest scientific thinkers, has noted that we live on a minor planet of a very average star located within the outer limits of one of a hundred thousand million galaxies. In light of this finding, can your problems really be that significant? While, in the heat of the moment our challenges seem to be major calamities, over time we are able to see them in a new light. All top performers have developed this ability of keeping their setbacks in a proper perspective, learning from them and then advancing confidently in the direction of their dreams. Never lose sight of the fact that the work you are doing impacts people’s lives and you can make a difference.

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4. Select, Reflect and Correct. 
Reflection is one of the most powerful yet underused skills. The French scientist Blaise Pascal mused that “All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.” The habit of going to a quiet place on a regular basis and meditating, reflecting and journaling on the causes, solutions and ultimate benefits of a problem you might be experiencing is one that will profoundly improve the level of your personal and professional effectiveness. Thinking deeply about the way you are doing the things you do increases self-awareness which, in turn, helps build awareness and prevents future mistakes. Let your past failures serve you. After all, there is no failure- only feedback. Transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Through reflection – then correction – the mistakes of your past, are transformed to opportunities.

~Hypnosis can assist you to discover and access your creative, unlimited potential, allowing for the release of negative, limiting related thinking, habits and ideas. Everyone experiences doubts or setbacks.  Improving self-esteem, confidence and motivation are some of the most important and valuable accomplishments of hypnosis. ~