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Best 2 Your Life


Weight Loss

I was struggling with health, stress and weight issues - going through a divorce and feeling bad.  Attending weight loss hypnosis and coaching sessions with Mita I have lost 55 lbs. I still listen to my personalized CD's.  I have kept the weight off now for 3 years! I know it is permanent. I am also in a fantastic relationship.  Feeling good about myself allowed me to bring good things into my life.  Kim W., OR    

Sports Performance

I am a triathlete and after many years of success I had an experience that was completely stopping my desire to even compete anymore.  My fear and anxiety became so much that it was affecting every aspect of my life - even my family was struggling with the anxiety I had.  After working with Mita I regained my confidence and overcame my anxiety. My competition times were even much improved.   Jane T., CA

Chi Kung

Learning Chi Kung with Mita was fun. She explained things in an easy way to understand and I learned so much.  I enjoyed her teaching style.  Iron Shirt Chi Kung is a very powerful form of Chi Kung and I feel that I can do the forms now and understand how to open to the energy, too.  Owning my own business sometimes means a busy and hectic lifestyle and the techniques I learned from Mita help me manage my stress and make daily life more fun in general.  Yolande, Australia

Tobacco Free

I smoked cigarettes and chewed tobacco for over 25 years.  It was getting to the point where it was affecting my relationship- my wife threatened to leave me if I didn't stop. It was also affecting my health- I was short of breath and feeling tired easily.  I own my own business and work with people daily so I have to be at my best.  I stopped smoking and chewing tobacco on my first session with Mita.  I had two more sessions and I haven't smoked since. It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself, my relationship and my business.  I really like the CD's I got from my personalized sessions and I still use them.  Stop smoking hypnosis really works!            Peter J., OR

Learning Enhancement/ Overcoming Test Anxiety

I am a pre-med student.  I was at the point of flunking out because I would just freeze up when it came time to take a quiz or test. I would study like crazy and feel really comfortable in knowing the material but when it came time to take a test I couldn't remember anything. After failing a mid term I realized I had to do something. I came to Mita and she gave me techniques I could actually use that majorly reduced my test anxiety.  I received coaching sessions and hypnosis sessions and listened to my personalized hypnosis recordings.  It completely changed my experience.  My grades really came up I learned new organizational and time management skills

that improved several areas in my life, too.   Mary A., OR

Pain Management and Speedy Recovery from Surgery

Thank you Mita! I met Mita a year ago. She helped me clear up my emotions and uncluttered my mind. I came to Mita for weight loss but achieved so much more!  Mid year I had to have extensive back surgery. Mita coached me for pain control before and after surgery. The Doctors were very surprised how quickly I recovered from surgery. With Mita's help and her amazing hypnosis processes my recovery has been a dream. P.J. , Joseph OR

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